The pop industry is surely one of the most fascinating ones. Every day there’s something new to explore and thanks to the ever-evolving music industry, we get to learn about a new artist every day. Although not old, Ice Spice is surely one of the most popular artists right now. The Barbie World rap star has been going viral lately for her back-to-back hit songs and exclusive rap verses. Ice Spice Mom took the internet by storm when she posted one TikTok video lip-syncing on her daughter’s song. 

Ice Spice Mom: The Viral Sensation Who Took Internet by Storm

But do you know who’s also going viral apart from Ice Spice? Well, her mom, and in this article by YourLifeCafe, we’re gonna talk about her. If you’ve been active on X or Instagram lately, you’d find people going crazy over Ice Spice mom. 

Who is Ice Spice Mom?

Ice Spice’s mother is Charina Almanzar. For your information, Ice Spice’s actual name is Isis Naija Gatson. Charina Almanzar, the mother of Ice Spice, gave birth to her at the age of 17 years. She met Gatson’s father, Joseph Gatson at McDonald’s but later they divorced when Gatson was just two years old. 

Charina Inspired Ice Spice Just to Be Like Her

In one of her interviews, Ice Spice said that Charina, her mother raised her and inspired her to just be like her. Well, there’s no difference as well, because when you take a look at her pictures, they look very similar. 

Her mother is of Dominican descent and said that whatever she is today is all because of her mother. Recalling her childhood at school, she said that she was the student who had the best-looking mother. This was because her mother was always good looking and being a Latina, she maintained that sass and always made sure to keep her nails done. 

Ice Spice Mom Has Always Been Supportive

In many of her interviews, Ice Spice has always said that her mother is the one who has always been supportive of her since her childhood. She said that Charina used to record her daughter’s musical talents as she started recording her videos when she was four years old. In her video with Billboard, Ice Spice said that her proud mother has similar videos even to today’s date. 

She recalled one incident during the interview said that her mother sent one of the recorded videos in which the “Munch” rapper was singing. She admitted to being shocked because he had never seen that video. She said that although she had been singing for four years, she was never actually serious about it. She started taking everything seriously when she went viral on X (formerly Twitter) for her Buss It Challenge. Then she decided on taking everything seriously and started releasing music. 

The Viral Sensation- Ice Spice Mom

Her mother went viral on X after posting a TikTok video. She was vibing on one of her daughter’s songs on August 17 and it went viral. Most of the fans called her an OG for trying to track her down. In the video, she was also seen mimicking her daughter. What’s best is that she even got the signature spout properly. 

Ice Spice Mom: The Viral Sensation Who Took Internet by Storm

The video that she posted became the talk of the town on the internet. A lot of social media users were mesmerized by how the daughter and mother looked no less than twins. Comments started flooding on the Internet about her mother. 

However, not much is known about Ice Spice’s mother and her family. Whatever is known to date is via her video. Ice Spice has also shared photos with her mother where they look just like twins. 

The Internet Cannot Get Enough of Ice Spice’s Mother’s Video

Honestly, the internet cannot get enough of the videos of Ice Spice mother. Ever since her video went viral, the users of X have been going gaga all over it. However, the actual source of the pictures released is still unknown. The picture which was released on X led to many users assuming that the pair’s pose together made them seem like a mother and daughter. 

Most of Ice Spice and her mother’s pictures were going all over the internet, especially on X. There are different pictures of these individuals together and most internet users were quick to assume that they were mother and daughter. Many X users could not get over the fact of how similar they are. 

Ice Spice and Her Love for Her Parents

In many of her interviews, Ice Spice has openly admitted her love for her parents. She has often admitted that her parents have been extremely supportive of her career. In the interview with Apple Music, she said, “Mom’s a baddie, so she knows what it is.” However, she went on to admit that she was always father’s girl, she added, “But my pops, though, I’m his baby girl.”

Ice Spice said that her love for rap grew because of her father. Many have often said that her father was also an underground artist. In an interview with Paper she said, “Subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first. He’s a music lover himself. He’s a true Hip Hop head, beyond me, honestly. He knows everything. He’s always educating me on Hip Hop and s**t like that.”

Rise of Ice Spice’s Career

While we talk about Ice Spice, we can’t deny the impact of her parents on her career. In the past few years, Ice Spice has had a significant rise in your career. Her song “Deli” is one of her most streamed songs on Spotify and YouTube. She has collaborated with some of the top music artists in the industry like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, and more. She went viral for her “Princess Diana” remix and also gained a lot of praise for her verse on “Barbie World” featuring Nicki Minaj for the Barbie movie. 

Ice Spice Mom: The Viral Sensation Who Took Internet by Storm


Ice Spice surely has had a significant career rise, but most of it should be attributed to Ice Spice mom. Her mother has been very supportive of her career throughout and determined the best for her. It can be well said that her mother has had a significant impact on her career. Let’s not forget, that Ice Spice is a replica of her mother. 

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