Zach and Zoe Honey Net Worth 2023

Shark Tank has always seen entrepreneurs coming from different backgrounds and shooting their shots. Some businesses come from really humble backgrounds with good products and good services. These are the businesses that manage to win over the trust of their audience. Eventually, these are the guys who secure good funding. Well, one of the leading founders to have secured funding in this arena is Zach and Zoe Honey. Their firm Sweet Bee Farm managed to impress the audience as they got funding. So how much is Zach and Zoe Honey net worth?

How much funding did they get? How much are they worth right now? What happened to Zach and Zoe Honey? Well, a lot of questions are sure to fog your mind. Continue reading this article by YourLifeCafe to know everything about Zach and Zoe Honey net worth as of today. 

What is Zach and Zoe Honey?

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a personal wellness brand established by Kam and Summer Johnson. It started as a project to treat a condition experienced by their son Zach. They found out the immunotherapy benefits of raw honey and started using it on their son as an allergy treatment. 

Narrating their story, the family said that they started purchasing raw honey from local beekeepers to treat the condition of their child. However, soon in 2015, they decided to set up their hives and started selling honey at the farmer’s market. 

It was five years of struggle and hard work until they went viral in 2020. But, what led them to become viral? Oprah Winfrey accepts their honey as one of her “favorite things”. Once that took off, they were named as Chase Bank Brand Ambassadors in 2021. 

Unlike various honey businesses, Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm does not offer you regular honey. Instead, what they offer is a wide range of flavored honey ranging from cherry, and lavender to lemon. They sell honey in one-pound jars and the pricing of each flavor varies significantly. As of 2023, they produce and sell honey from their own farm and commercial kitchen. In their Shark Tank pitch, they agreed that they have plans to construct a warehouse and sell honey on a larger scale. 

Zach and Zoe Honey Shark Tank Story

Zach and Zoe Sweet Bee Farm owners, Zach, Zoe, Kam, and Summer Johnson appeared on episode 1310 of Shark Tank. They were hoping to get investments and expand their business owing to which they demanded $150,000 in exchange of 10% of their company valuing it at $1.5 million. 

During their pitch, they were very professional and calmly explained the difference between regular honey and pure, raw honey. They also talked about their unique hand-packing process. What sets Zach and Zoe Honey apart from others is their personal experiences. They talked about how Zach was able to overcome his allergies by using raw honey. 

To get funding on Shark Tank, you should not be all about stories, but also sales figures. The sales figures shown by Zach and Zoe Honey indicated that they are in a growing stage. It also reflected that their sales prices are increasing and that they can generate revenue from farmer’s markets and incubation programs by Target. However, some Sharks seemed to have mixed reactions owing to scalability concerns. 

It was not at all that bad because they did receive an offer of $200,000 for 15% of their company from Barbara. Well, the family accepted the pitch and are on their mission to grow the company. 

Zach and Zoe Honey Net Worth

It was very important to know the Shark Tank story of Zach and Zoe to understand the net worth of the company. What started from their kitchen and farm, eventually became a huge business. As of 2023, Zach and Zoe Honey are said to have a net worth of $2 million depending on the sales and investments they have generated from Shark Tank. 

In the table below, you can find the Zach and Zoe net worth from the previous years:

Zach and Zoe Honey Net worth valuation 2023$3 million
Zach and Zoe Honey Net worth valuation 2022$1 million
Zach and Zoe Honey Net worth valuation 2021 after appearing on Shark Tank$1 million
Zach and Zoe Honey Net worth valuation 2021 before appearing on Shark Tank$1.5 million

After the Shark Tank episode, the sales of Zach and Zoe honey increased and they made their way into various publications as well. They also have their availability across 100+ stores in the United States, especially in the Target stores. 

Final Thoughts

Kam and Summer Johnson made their way into the honey business with their exclusive sales strategy. Their personal experiences are what prompted them to take action and eventually stand ahead in the business. Over the years, Zach and Zoe have shown stable growth and are focusing on building more results. It is for this reason that they eventually found their way to the top. 

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