Who is Austin Reaves Girlfriend? The Mysterious High School Sweetheart

After this, probably a lot of hearts are going to break. The hunk of the LA Lakers in the NBA, Austin Reaves, isn’t single. He’s taken and completely in love with his long-term, high-school girlfriend. Austin Reaves girlfriend is often spotted with him at his games or on vacation. Golf spots are where you can find the two of them spending happy times together. 

But who exactly is this mysterious lad who has stolen the heart of one of the best players of the NBA? Let’s find out in this article by our team the Your Life Cafe

Austin Reaves: The Rising Star of NBA

While most of the players of the LA Lakers are via drafted contracts, Austin Reaves is the special one, because even after going undrafted in 2021, he managed to sign a contract with LA Lakers in 2023. 

There’s no doubt that Austin managed to change the entire game with his exceptional performance. His spectacular performances throughout the game got him a spot for playing at the FIBA Basketball World Cup. He was called to take part, and he gave a tough competition to the German team in Abu Dhabi during one of the FIBA matches. 

As of August 2023, Austin’s net worth is reported to be around $2 million. His main source of earnings is from his contract with the NBA. He also earns from sponsorships and brand endorsements. 

Who is Austin Reaves Girlfriend? 

There were various rumors and speculations online, but it was only in recent times that it has been confirmed Austin is dating his high school sweetheart. Fans couldn’t keep calm over the fact how hopeless romantic Austin has been to have continued his relationship with his high school sweetheart, Jenna Barber. 

The personal life of Reaves has always been private, but the revelation of his girlfriend surely sheds some light on his personal life. Jenna Barber was born on August 20, 2000, and is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. 

Who is Austin Reaves Girlfriend? The Mysterious High School Sweetheart

Jenna Barber Professional Life

Jenna started college at Arkansas Community College in Batesville. She has been working in a local pharmacy since 2019. As for her school, she did her high school at Cedar Ridge High School, where she crossed paths with Reaves. 

Prior to starting her college at Ladon, Jenna worked at Newark Pharmacy in 2019. She parted ways with that pharmacy in 2019. Captioning the post, she wrote, “I have the sweetest work family!! they make work life so fun and easygoing, and i can’t thank them enough for all their love and support. I will miss you all & see you soon!!!!”

Jenna was also a part of the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. Her Facebook posts are proof of her love for her sorority. Since she was in a sorority during her time at the University of Arkansas, she has had multiple posts. 

Jenna has also been a VSCO girl, as she owns a VSCO account. In her VSCO account, she has shared numerous posts sharing her lifestyle and other aspects. On her VSCO account, Jenna has photos with nail art, Reaves, interior designs, and her love for sweets. 

Jenna Is Very Supportive of Her Basketball Career

Jenna is very supportive of Reaves’ basketball career. There’s no doubt that she is one of the biggest fans of Reaves. Her Facebook posts are quite evident of how supportive Barber is of his career and has also documented his journey. All of this information is present on her Facebook account. 

She also visited and was proud of the career during Reave’s 2022-23 season and gushed about him at the Lakers game on social media. She has attended numerous events and games of Reaves. On her Facebook account, she has shared numerous photos from the playoffs and on and off-court presence. 

Where Did Jenna and Austin First Meet? 

Jenna and Austin first met during their school days at Cedar Ridge High School. They started dating in 2014. She shared a post on her Facebook account in August 2015 to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Since the very early stages, Jenna has been very supportive of Austin’s career. 

Austin and Jenna have also survived the hell of a long-distance relationship. They maintained and managed their long-distance relationship when Austin was playing basketball at Wichita State and then at Oklahoma. 

Ever since she’s graduated, Jenna is often seen at most of his NBA games. Not only that, she also is often spotted wearing his #15 jersey where she also cheers the Lakers star. 

While Austin is a very popular NBA games player, there is not much information about what Jenna does. While we know about her journey at the pharmaceutical company in 2019, post that, more information about her business is not known. Her career preferences are also not known. However, Jenna is extremely known for her ongoing nature. As of now, her estimated net worth is around $100,000, but no information is available about her business. 

Who is Austin Reaves Girlfriend? The Mysterious High School Sweetheart

How Did The World Know About Them?

While Reaves was taking the world by storm with his stellar performances at the game, Barber went viral for her social media posts with the star NBA performer. She posted pictures of the couple vacationing together while Team USA was playing against Germany in Abu Dhabi. The pictures caught the eye of the internet and the users couldn’t help but gush over how cute the couple is. 

Reaves and Barber can often be seen together in her social media posts. Whether it’s Instagram, X or Facebook, Barber has never shied away from expressing her feelings for Reaves. Being one of his biggest fans, not only does she visit most of his games, but also takes the time to show how proud she is of him via her posts. 


There’s no denying that Austin Reaves is surely lucky to have such a lovely and loving girlfriend like Jenna Barber. At the same time, none of the audience can deny that whether it’s on-court or off-court, Reaves has been playing his game really strong. The sweet connection between Barber and Reaves has surely caught the attention of the internet. Well, we can’t help but gush over how adorable the couple is. 

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