How Did Matthew Perry Die?

The sudden death of iconic sitcom ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry leaves everyone stunt. Not only the fans of Friends but the entire world is asking how did Matthew Perry die. The veteran star was found unresponsive in a hot tub of his house in LA, this Saturday (28th October,2023). So, if you also want to know more details about his death, keep reading this article by YourLifeCafe. Here we will share all the details related to Matthew Perry’s death case we have learned so far. 

What Happened to Matthew Perry?

Facts you should know about Matthew Perry

Before we discuss the circumstances under which Perry died, we will share some essential facts about the famous TV personality. If you are a fan of the popular American TV show ‘Friends’ you know him as the dry-witted Chandler Bing. But the actor was also quick-witted, loveable, and friendly.

Matthew Perry was born in 1969. He was raised by John Bennett, an actor, and Suzanne Marie Langford, former press secretary of Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. 

Matthew’s childhood was spent between Los Angeles and Montreal as his parents filed for separation when he was only one year old. 

 Perry started his acting career with the sitcom ‘Second Chance’ which later became ‘Boys Will Be Boys’. The actor started to appear in several series like Charles in Charge and Beverly Hills 90210. He stepped on the big screen with the film A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon against the late actor River Phoenix. 

How Did Matthew Perry Die?

The actor rose to stardom with the popular sitcom ‘Friends’ as Chandler Bing. He was an eminent part of the show and successfully covered 10 seasons of the show. After Friends Matthew worked many other shows. Some of them were popular while others were short-lived. Some of his notable works after Friends were – The Whole Nine Yards, Fools Rush In, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and The West Wing. 

In 2022, Matthew released his autobiography named ‘Friends, Lovers and The Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir. In his autobiography, Perry recalls his personal life and struggles with a long addiction to drugs and alcohol. He wrote about his near-death experience when his colon burst due to overuse of opioids at the age of 49.  

How did Matthew Perry die?

According to TMZ, Matthew Perry, age 54 died from an apparent drowning. The actor was found unresponsive in his house hot tub in LA on 28th October at 4 PM. The initial report says there was no drug found at the scene also no traces of foul play were discovered by the investigation team. The autopsy report is completed but investigators are still waiting for the toxicology report due to the autopsy report stating the cause of death of Matthew Perry is ‘deferred’. Also, the medical examiner updated the online status of Matthew Perry on the 29th of October afternoon, listing Matthew’s cause of death as deferred. 

In cases of deferred, where the primary cause of the death was failed to determined at the time of autopsy, a deferred certificate is issued by the authority until additional investigation reports are added to the case. 

Due to Perry’s celebrity status a Robbery and Homicide Division performed a preliminary investigation. However, the actor’s death case is still under investigation. According to the investigation authority, it may take weeks or months to complete the investigation and come to a conclusion about the cause of Matthew Perry’s death. 

Also, on 30th October, A spokesperson from the Los Angeles Fire Department reported to CNN that a bystander held the man’s head (Matthew Perry) out of the water and placed it at the edge of the tub. Later firefighters removed Perry from the water. He added that a rapid medical assessment was also immediately provided to the man but unfortunately, it was revealed that the man passed away before the arrival of the first responder.

As the news of Matthew Perry’s death continues to make headlines globally, TMZ moves on sharing the details of the moment’s activities and interactions of Perry with the public. According to TMZ, Matthew Perry on the day of the incident played pickleballs. After 2 hours session in the court, he arrived home and sent his assistant out on an errand. When his assistant came back 2 hours later he found Matthew unresponsive and called 911. 

The actor was also very vocal about his relapses. We can learn about his multiple relapses from his interviews and memoirs. Perry has been in detox 65 times and participated in AA meetings 6,000 times. He also has been to rehab 15 times.


Last Saturday, 28th October the news of Friends, actor Matthew Perry’s suddenly stormed the internet. Fans of Chandler Bing (the character Matthew played in Friends) show grief at losing him. His family and friends also responded with shock and grief for this unfortunate incident. Although according to officials the accurate reason for Perry’s death is unknown and the case is still under investigation many people are assuming his drug addiction and alcoholism to be potential causes of death. 

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