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How many water bottles to drink in a day? While many of you may think this is easy to answer, it is not. The amount of water a person requires varies based on the current geographic location, age, weight, and many other factors of that individual. Since our school days, we have believed that drinking eight glasses of water daily is a must. But, accepting this as a thumb rule that fits all is wrong. 

If you do not drink water up to the quantity your body requires, you might see signs of dehydration like constipation, dry skin, etc. In today’s article, we will explore all the factors that influence your water intake, the recommended amount of water you should drink, and the benefits of drinking your fill. In the end, we will also bust some myths about drinking a sufficient amount of water. Let’s dive in!

Factors That Affect Water Intake

No fixed measure determines the amount of water you should drink daily because it depends on many factors. Some of these more prominent factors are: 

● Age

For the first couple of months, the mother’s milk receives the water needed by a baby’s body. After that, when a baby is within the age bracket of 7-12 months, the water needed is about 0.8 liters. Soon afterward, the baby becomes a toddler between 1-3 years, and the child needs about 1.3 liters of water. Finally, a child between the ages of 4-8 years will need about 1.7 liters of water. After this point, the amount of water needed starts to increase exponentially till adulthood, when it comes to a halt at about 3 liters per day. 

● Gender

Till age 9, the amount of water you need is not determined by your gender. A young boy of 9-13 years of age will need to drink about 2.4 liters of water a day, while a young girl of the same age will only need to drink 2.1 liters. An adolescent boy between the ages of 14-18 will need to drink 3.3 liters of water daily, while a girl will need to drink only 2.2 liters. Lastly, adult males must consume 3.7 liters of water, while a woman can make do with only 2.7 liters. 

● Weight

You should follow a general rule when deciding how much water to drink daily. Consider your weight, and if your BMI is higher than the average fellow your age, your water intake should also be higher. We recommend that you stick with the 3.7 liters of water rule for your health and well-being. 

● Physical Activity Level

The amount of physical labor you do will also be a determining factor. If you work out or spend your day doing laborious tasks, you might need to drink 4.5 liters of water, which is higher than the recommended amount. However, if a significant portion of your day is spent seated in an air-conditioned office, then for a man, the amount of water needed would be 2.9 liters, and for a woman, it would be around 2.2 liters. 

● Climate

You must have noticed that in the summer season, your body needs more water. You perspire more in these months, leading to more water loss. Thus people living in countries that experience tropical climates will need to drink more water than those who live in colder regions of the world. 

Recommended Daily Water Intake

About 70% of our body weight comes from water. This water is necessary for the proper functioning of the major organs of our body. But we constantly lose this water through sweat, exhalation, bowel movements, and urination. Thus, we need to replenish this loss with water intake. What confuses most people is that there is no one fixed measurement for the amount of water we should drink on the internet. 

Instead of saying you need to drink this many liters of water or cups of water, we are measuring water in bottles. It is a brilliant way of measuring water because cups can come in so many different sizes that it becomes hard to provide a standardized water measure. Also, if we were to mention the amount of water in liters, it would still be difficult because no one has the time to measure the amount of water they drink throughout the day. 

Thus, we suggest that you buy a bottle that you know will be able to carry a specific amount of water. This way, you can tell how close you came to the 3.7 liters of water that The National Academies of Sciences recommends you drink if you are an adult male. If you are a woman, you must drink 2.7 liters of water daily. 

We can agree that drinking this much water will not be easy initially. We suggest you carry a reusable bottle you can fill every time you empty it. Give yourself a pat when you finish the bottle, as this sense of achievement will help you stick with this regime. You may also try flavoring your water with fresh fruits and herbs. Furthermore, most of us wear smart watches wherein you can set an alarm telling you to drink water at regular intervals. 

Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Most doctors and health gurus you visit will tell you to drink more water. It is smart advice, as water promotes overall good health. So let us examine some of the benefits of drinking sufficient water daily. 

● Maximize Your Physical Performance 

An individual will notice lower stamina if he loses more than 2% of the water through sweat. That is why you will see athletes drinking water and fruit juices at regular intervals. Dehydration can be a significant cause of fatigue and lower motivation. 

● Better Metabolism

Optimal hydration is essential for digestion and other metabolic functions. So it is because the food you eat will be digested by the enzymes in your digestive tract. But the whole process is facilitated by the presence of water. Hence, if you are dehydrated, your digestion also suffers, and you may experience bloating nausea, and constipation symptoms. 

● Healthy Skin

Readers wanting clear skin and a better complexion must start drinking an optimum amount of water. It reduces the oxidative stress on your skin and keeps it youthful for a long time. In addition, drinking sufficient water daily may also save you from certain skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. 

How Many Water Bottles to Drink in a Day? Your Life Cafe

Myths and Misconceptions About Water Intake

There are several misconceptions surrounding water intake, one of which we have already addressed in this article. Let us look at a few more. 

● Feelings of Thirst Are Not Linked With Dehydration

It is a lie, as thirst directly reacts to your body’s dehydration. Your mouth becomes parched when there is a lack of water in the body, which we identify as feeling thirsty. 

● There Can Be No Limit to Water Intake

Drinking too much water can cause water toxicity, also called hyponatremia. It can also cause headaches, convulsions, and nausea. 

● Drinking Beverages and Sports Drinks Are Enough to Cover Your Water Needs

While drinking beverages and other sports drinks may add to the amount of water your body needs, it will never be enough. Moreover, they contain substances that are not too good for your health.


We hope that we have addressed your initial query. Stick to the recommendations given by experts, and do not be swayed by baseless myths. Drink the suggested amount of water daily, and you will notice many improvements in your health. 

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