How to Make a Star in Little Alchemy? YOUR LIFE CAFE

Little Alchemy is a game of puzzles that gained immense popularity over the years. It is an interesting game introduced in 2010 by a German developer named Jakob Koziol. He designed a simple puzzle game in which one has to create a new element by combining other elements. This game was designed to increase individuals’ creativity and sharpen their minds. In this article by Yourlifecafe, we will discuss making stars in this game and other additional features. It will provide you with a full guide on how to make a star in little alchemy.

Elements of Little Alchemy

This game comprises four essential elements, which are considered the game’s foundation. These four elements of the game Little Alchemy are as follows:

1. Air

It is the first element of the game, represented by the icon in the shape of dashes in the color blue. This element, air, can be combined with other elements to form words like pressure or wind.

2. Earth

It is the next element used in the game. It is represented by the icon in the shape of the land. The lower portion of the icon is brown, and the upper portion is green grass.

3. Water

The next element in the game is water, represented by the icon in the shape of a droplet. We can combine it with other elements to form ice, steam, and rain.

4. Fire

It is the last element of this game and is represented by the icon in the shape of a red fire. It can also be combined with words like lava or heat.

How to Play Little Alchemy?

How to Make a Star in Little Alchemy? YOUR LIFE CAFE

Playing a little alchemy is simple. But, you must combine the elements accordingly and use the following steps. 

Here are the steps to create different elements:

  • First, open the game on the device you want to play, and then select from the four basic elements.
  • When you need to create new elements, drag them to the center of the screen.
  • After dragging the first element, you must drag the second element to create the new word.
  • If your selected combination works successfully, a new word will appear on the right side. Otherwise, both elements will return to their positions, indicating that your combination failed.
  • In this way, you keep experimenting with the basic elements to create more advanced ones.

Benefits of Playing Alchemy

This game can create an infinite number of elements by using almost 580 elements present. So, individuals have to use the trial-and-error method to determine the next element, thus making this game beneficial.

1. Benefits for Students

Students take the most advantage by playing this game, as it will use their mental skills. At the initial stage of the game, the students will quickly combine elements to create new ones. The test starts when the difficulty level rises; in that case, they must use their creativity. So students have to use their imagination and think about the system. Then they also need to make guesses to make their words, which is challenging and good for students.

2. Benefits for Teachers

This game is also beneficial for teachers, as they can use the concept of this game to make their sessions attractive. In addition, using games as a form of teaching is an entertaining experience that results in learning subjects. This way, teachers can teach their students the art of patience and controlling their irritated nature. In this way, teachers motivate students to engage in fun and knowledgeable activities.

These are some benefits that a student and a teacher can take advantage of while playing this interactive game.

How to Make a Star in Little Alchemy: Easy Steps

After learning about the elements of the game and the steps required to play it, we now have a task to prepare the word star by using the elements in the game. To prepare the word star, we must follow approximately eight steps.

So, the required steps to make the word star in little alchemy are as follows:

  • First, we have to combine the basic element, earth, and combine it with the other fundamental element, fire. The combination of both of these words will form the word lava in the center.
  • The next step in the preparation is to use another essential element in the game, which is air. Combine this essential element with the new word lava, which will create another word, stone.
  • After this, again, use the essential elements to form a new word, using fire and water. Combine both of these essential elements, which will form a new word called steam.
  • In the next step, combine one of the basic elements, air, with the newly formed word, steam. The combination of these words will form the new word cloud. So you have created three new words by combining existing words.
  • Again, use air and combine it with the new word formed cloud. This combination will again form a new word for us: the sky.
  • We are close to completing the preparation of the word star; only a few final steps need to be followed.
  • You must combine the two new words formed by combining the basic elements of sky and stone. This two-word combination will form a new word called Moon.
  • Now we will combine this new word, moon, with our existing word from the previous step, Sky. When we combine these two words, we will form a new word: night.
  • In this last step, we combine the words created in the previous steps, sky and night. The combination of these words will form our required word, which is a star.

By following these simple steps, we have completed the task of creating the word star in the game. So give this game a try and develop your mental and creative skills.


Little Alchemy is a popular puzzle game available on iOS and Android devices. As studied in this game, we have to start with the four essential elements available on the right side of your phone. These are dragged and combined to form new words like planet, human, or farmers.

It will develop mental clarity among students and thus increase their creativity level by making them think outside the box. And the game mainly uses cartoonish and animated characters to create interest in students. This game is so addictive that once you start playing, you won’t notice how much time has passed.

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