When Will The Rookie Season 6 Premiere on ABC?

Be prepared to jump into action for your favorite officers of LAPD will be back soon on The Rookie. The procedural drama first aired on ABC in October 2018 and since then has found its place in the hearts of the audiences. There has been a lot of drama on the show and that’s what fills everyone with excitement for the upcoming Rookie Season 6. 

You must have yourselves hooked onto your sofa set once you know your favorite officers are on their way to you. Isn’t it?

But when is it coming out? Who is going to be there? Are my favorite officers still there? 

Well, hold on. We’ve got all the answers to these questions for you in this article by YourLifeCafe, so brace yourselves to know everything about the premiere of The Rookie Season 6. 

What is The Rookie? 

You haven’t watched The Rookie yet? Well, that’s a bit sad because you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Although it is a police drama it is still relatable and relevant to some extent which is why a lot of people are hooked on to it. 

The show revolves around a freshly divorced 45-year-old policeman John Nolan played by Nathan Fillion. After his divorce, he moved to Los Angeles and became the oldest rookie of the Los Angeles Police Department. 

To date, there have been five seasons and 98 episodes of The Rookie and every season has been left off at a cliffhanger which is continued later. Well, similarly, the fifth season ended on a cliffhanger too and the release of Season 6 was announced in April 2023. 

With its Season 6, The Rookie will hit its 100th episode milestone and we’re still hoping the excellent cast will return. 

When Will The Rookie Season 6 Air?

Although the announcement was made in April 2023, it is expected that The Rookie Season 6 will go live on the ABC Network sometime around January 2024. 

Nonetheless, as of now, there is no official confirmation regarding the release date because of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WAG strikes. Owing to these strikes, the filming of Season 6 has not yet begun. Therefore, there are chances that you may have to wait a little longer for your favorite police officer to grace your TV screens once again. Therefore, you can expect the season to be delayed and air sometime around May or August 2024. 

Who’s the Cast of The Rookie Season 6?

With Season 5 ending on a cliffhanger, it can be quite exciting for you to see who returns for the next season. Isn’t it? Well, here are some of the cast members who will be making a comeback as their characters:

  • Richard T. Jones 
  • Melissa O’Neil
  • Eric Winter 
  • Jenna Dewan 
  • Alyssa Diaz
  • Mekia Cox 
When Will The Rookie Season 6 Premiere on ABC?

How Many Episodes Will The Rookie Season 6 Have? 

Since there’s no official confirmation regarding The Rookie Season 6, it would be quite difficult to say how many episodes Season 6 will have. Since the episodes for Season 6 were supposed to start filming in 2023 summer and have been delayed, there has been a delay. 

Nonetheless, going by the pattern, Season 6 may have anywhere between 20-22 episodes. This is completely based on the number of episodes, the previous seasons of The Rookie have had:

  • Season 1 and Season 2- 20 episodes each
  • Season 3- 14 episodes
  • Season 4 and Season 5- 22 episodes each

Where Can I Watch The Rookie?

If you’re starting to develop an interest and want to watch The Rookie, you should first start by watching its trailer. The trailer is available for free to watch on YouTube. 

As of now, The Rookie airs every Tuesday at 8 PM ET on ABC Network. If you want to watch the new episodes, these will be premiering on Hulu. All the previous five seasons of The Rookie are available on Hulu. So, if you have a Hulu subscription, you’re good to go. 

Apart from Hulu, the previous seasons are also available for purchase in Google Play, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime Video. 

The Rookie Season 6 Potential Plot

The Rookie Season 6 will pick up from the point where The Rookie Season 5 left. Not only will the new season unravel the mysteries of the previous season, but it will also explore who lived and who died. The masked criminals may make a return to complicate the storyline further for Nathan to solve. 

In the previous season, there were a lot of deaths. So, if you’ve been following the storyline carefully, there are chances that in the new season, Aaron may die. It is also expected that Elijah Stone may make his return post his arrest in Season 5. 

In Season 6, we can also expect the romantic storyline between Tim and Lucy and John and Bailey to grow. Honestly, The Rookie Season 6 has a lot of potential to offer and when it returns the viewers are in for a treat if the makers continue the plotline. 

Which Cast Members Will be Returning for Season 6?

While there have been numerous deaths, there are also chances of the return of several cast members. Aaron Thorsen’s return is still one of the most questionable returns for the current season. While the other cast members return, the audience will see the introduction of a new villain, none other than Kristian Bruun. This new villain will be introduced as the mastermind behind the attacks of Season 5. 

When Will The Rookie Season 6 Premiere on ABC?


Are you ready to continue watching one of your favorite series? Well, it may take some time for now to be released on ABC, but it will surely make a good comeback. Honestly, you just can’t miss out on watching this exciting, dramatic, and exceptionally nerve-wracking series, The Rookie. 

If you’ve continued watching it for the past seasons, brace yourselves. And if you’re planning to watch the new season, there’s still plenty of time to complete the previous seasons. You wouldn’t know, the new season would arrive in the blink of an eye. 

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