Top 5 TV Shows of Matthew Perry to Watch

If you have finally quit watching Friends for the umpteenth time but still have a thirst for Matthew Perry’s diverse performance, then In this piece by YourLifeCafe, we have picked some of the finest movies and top 5 TV shows of Matthew Perry for you to check out.

The role of Chandler Bing on Friends is largely responsible for propelling Matthew Perry to unprecedented levels of fame. However, it is not the conclusion of his acting career. In addition to Friends, he is responsible for producing several amazing films and television series for us, most of which are, sadly, underappreciated.

Matthew Perry’s Top 5 TV Shows

  1. Fools Rush In 

This romantic comedy, starring Tyler Perry and Salma Hayek, depicts what may occur when the results of a night of love are not what one would anticipate. Alex, played by Perry, is a construction supervisor who has a one-night stand with Hayek’s character, Isabel, who finds out a few months later that she is pregnant with the couple’s kid.

Alex does the responsible thing and makes an instant proposal to Isabel, but as the two quickly discover, their distinct cultures and traditions give the phrase a whole new meaning, whether for the better or the worse. At the box office, the film more than quadrupled its initial investment of $20 million; nonetheless, some reviewers did not like the film, but moviegoers did not share their opinion. Roger Ebert, one of the most influential cinema critics of all time, referred to it as a sweet and entertaining retread of an ancient formula.

  1. The Ron Clark Story 

Even though we all like seeing Perry in comedic parts, everyone should make time to watch this dramatic show. The life of a high school history teacher with the same name served as the basis for the film The Ron Clark Story. The narrative is not too complicated, but it is certainly one of the more motivational ones.

The next year, Ron Clark will begin his career as an educator at a school located in New York City. The remainder of the novel focuses on the challenges that he faces and how he manages to succeed in the most difficult subject at the school. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you are truly losing out on something incredible because it is a masterpiece, and if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out.

  1. The Whole Nine Yards 

This criminal comedy was released while Perry was at the pinnacle of his celebrity from Friends, and it provided him the opportunity to stretch his comic abilities beyond Central Perk. Bruce Willis plays the role of Oz, a mild-mannered dentist who comes to the horrifying realization that his new next-door neighbor, portrayed by Katy Perry, is a former assassin.

Top 5 TV Shows of Matthew Perry to Watch

Although Oz’s initial intention is to sell the location of the hitman to the mafia, the two very different men end up developing a strange and violent connection with one another. The Whole Nine Yards is not considered a classic, even though we loved watching it when it first came out, and it has held up fairly well over the years. Just stay away from the sequel released in 2004, The Whole Ten Yards.

  1. 17 Again

Similar to The Big in reverse, this comedy stars Matthew Perry as a depressed middle-aged loser who is suddenly transported into the body of a young man (played by Zac Efron) by the power of magic. Teenage females, let’s face it, went to see 17 Again more for Efron than for Perry, and the film was a huge success because of this demographic.

The latter does offer the framework for the former’s portrayal, and the two create a fascinating double act of sorts because they embody various eras of the same character. It’s a thrilling adventure that also manages to be surprisingly reassuring.

  1. Numb

Perry’s versatility was on full display in this independent picture of lower renown that played at several film festivals. He does not bumble about or shout; rather, he portrays a complex character who is going through a challenging experience.

Because of the personality disorder he developed as a result of his trauma, he often feels as if he is living in a dream. The film, in which Perry plays a screenwriter who wants to become better so he may marry the lady of his dreams, never had an official theatrical distribution but earned an audience prize at the Gen Art Film Festival.


Matthew Perry has established himself as a great actor who is capable of working in a variety of genres, including comedy and drama, thanks to the memorable parts he has played in the past. During his career spanning many decades, he was also able to assist a great number of people by bestowing upon us the gift of humor and amusement in the form of television series and movies.

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